Healthy Habits for People Recovering from Injury

An injury is a stressful event in the life of a person. This is why recovering from an injury is hard. Recovery from injury does not only include good nutrition and exercise however; recovery also requires us to get rid of bad habits that have ruined our health. If we get rid of bad health habits, we will recover faster and be guaranteed of good health for life.

So what are the healthy habits which we must practice during recovery? Here are some of them:

Reduce Stress and Tension

Stress and tension caused by your injury can ruin you and can slow your recovery. After injury, you need to rest physically and emotionally. You need to eliminate stress in your body such as increased muscle tension and long-term contraction. Stress can lead to eyestrain, headaches, low back pain, jaw pain, stomach pain and muscular spasm. These symptoms add further insult to injury.

The solution? Be very vigilant of stress and physical tension in your body and find ways to eliminate them. During your day-to-day activities, often stop to recognize signs of tension in your body. If there are signs of tension, stop working. You can also practice deep breathing or slow breathing exercises that release tension whenever you feel stressed. Once you feel stress, take some time out to relax by thinking of pleasant thoughts or listening to relaxing music. You may use other relaxation techniques to deal with stress and tension. In that way, you will speed up your recovery.

get rest, eat right, and stay positive to recover faster

Think Positive

Worrying or negative thinking can also slow down your recovery. This creates anxiety and stress in you and this causes you to lose sleep or lose appetite, which in turn are bad for your body. You can deal with worrying by writing your concerns over a piece of paper or a journal. Analyze your worries one by one and think of ways on how to solve them. Look at the outcomes of each situation. You may also talk to a friend or a psychologist.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle includes a balanced diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep. These good habits can help you cope up with your injury. During an injury, you may feel pain or other symptoms. You may also feel side effects from medications that you are taking. You can talk these symptoms out with your doctor so that you may be given remedies.

Improve your diet by choosing nutritious foods which you enjoy eating. Avoid skipping meals; rather eat regularly throughout the day. You can eat small amounts of food all throughout the day if you do not feel like eating.

Take time out to exercise. You can start to do some physical activity everyday such as muscle strengthening exercises, stretching or walking. You can talk to your doctor or therapist about the types of exercises suitable for you.

Get Adequate Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can slow down your recovery. Sleep and adequate rest is important during medical illness. If you have trouble sleeping, avoid too much physical activity at night and do not nap too much during the day. You should also avoid drinking coffee or tea during the night.

Seek the Support That You Need

Do not be afraid to ask help from people whose support you will need. Support from your family and friends are important during your recovery so that you can easily go back to your usual daily activities. You can catch up with your family or friends and tell them about what you truly feel about your medical condition. Some of them may help you.

You can also join support groups or organizations that enable you to help others while recovering from your own injury. Keep in touch with your doctor and your community health center to stay healthy all throughout your recovery.