Reasons Why It’s Best To Hit the Gym in the Morning

When the alarm clock blares early in the morning and you are faced with leaving the warm covers, getting out to the gym and exercising may seem like the last thing that sounds appealing. Whether you are a morning person or not, however, there are many reasons why you will do better with your workouts if you take to the gym early on in the day rather than waiting until you have finished work or school. What are the advantages of getting to the gym early?

Physical Benefits

One of the major benefits of a morning workout is physical. When you start the day, your metabolism needs to calibrate to your current body state. Since our bodies have not changed much since we hunted and gathered our food each day, our metabolism expects that whatever we eat and do in the first hour or so of the day will be what it can expect for the rest of the day. If you have a lot on hand, there is no need to be conservative about burning calories. Likewise, if you do not eat quickly, your metabolism will work much slower. Getting a good breakfast with protein, vitamins, and complex carbs will signal to your metabolism that it has what it needs to provide your body with fuel; getting to the gym and working out signals that it is necessary to build up muscle and burn off fat.

alarm clock
working out early has some great advantages

Psychological Benefits

In addition to the physical aspect to consider when heading in for a morning workout, exercising early has significant psychological benefits. Getting to the gym and training on an elliptical will increase blood flow to the brain, stimulating your mind for the day more efficiently than coffee and donuts ever could. Finishing a workout, furthermore, registers in your mind as an achievement, so that you feel you have accomplished a lot after only being awake for an hour or two.

Choice Benefits

One big advantage has nothing to do with you at all – most gyms are nearly empty at first light since the majority of their customers are fighting rush-hour traffic. You have the choice of weight machines and exercise bikes, and you don’t have to stand in line at the drinking fountain. Best of all, you can watch whatever TV show you want while training on an elliptical or treadmill and do not have to watch a show that someone else put on first. Since a gym will hit its busiest shift between five and eight o’clock in the evening, you miss all the rush and need not fight others for the best parking spots and workout machines.

Working out in the morning does have benefits. Not only will you get your important workout out of the way before your plans change, you will feel better, ramp up your metabolism, and avoid the crowd at the gym.